You don't know it yet, but you want this

by Volker Weber

.mac gallery

Apple has finally found a use case for .Mac (dot Mac). The integration between iPhoto and .Mac Gallery is wonderful. It makes you wonder how you could ever live with Windows.

So far I only uploaded some 250 photos. But there will be more. Lots more.


VERY Nice! But Apple obviously doesn't "like" Camino. (By which I probably out myself as your only visitor who uses Camino as their browser of choice!)

John Keys, 2007-08-09

Do you think other photo software products ( Adobe Lightroom, Apple Aperture etc ) will support the .Mac galleries?

I don't use iPhoto myself but this would be a nice addition to Adobe Lightroom.

Declan Lynch, 2007-08-09

wow .. the gallery UI is very nice and fast

John Head, 2007-08-09

I like it too but I find it hard to manage the uploads after you've published them. There should be some management options for the owner on the Gallery page or the .Mac site to remove an upload, like a movie. It's a little stupid to have to delete it from iMovie.

It's a nice way for Apple to force users in downloading QuickTime 7.2. And more iTunes downloads for Windows.

Eric Garneau, 2007-08-09

Great UI. I love the "skimming" feature when the mouse moves over a event. Unfortunately in Safari 2.0.4 on my iMac it only works for events I already opened. Works fine in IE7, XP on Parallels though. How come?

Andreas Decker, 2007-08-09

Volker - would this be a preference over flickr then? Does it have all the same functionality?

Paul Mooney, 2007-08-09

Mh, did you compress the pictures or did Apple? I think they are not really sharp (and I don't mean the buildup-thing). Maybe it's just the camera ;-)

Martin Hiegl, 2007-08-09

Paul, it's a completely different animal. Very tightly integrated with iPhoto and iMovie, but no interaction with users. No comments, no collaboration, no tags. But a very nice way to publish to closed groups of people. You can only see the albums I want you to see.

Volker Weber, 2007-08-09

Well, despite the dread warnings it does actually work with Camino, as far as I can see (my browser of choice also) - just that the Apple system doesn't seem to recognise the browser identifier.

Nick Daisley, 2007-08-09

One word - cool !!!!

Egor Margineanu, 2007-08-09

Wow, that's my order just gone in for iLife08. Beautiful...

Stuart McIntyre, 2007-08-09

you could live with windows while using picasa (and picasaalbums)

Samuel Adam, 2007-08-10

I stay with my gallery2. It doesn't feature that fancy pseudo coverflow but I dont really see a need for that for me ;).

Sascha Reissner, 2007-08-10

I like it very much as well, but for me it's the pricetag of .Mac + iLife '08 which keeps me from using it (yet). Finally there IS something I consider purchasing .Mac for.

Just for those who want something good looking, can live with the use of flash and have no fear to upload files the old way to their own server: Airtight Interactive made 3 nice flash based photo album tools. There's also an iPhoto plugin (WebExport by Daniel Staudiger) to export albums to ready-to-upload folders with the Airtight tool included. Sure, unlike in .Mac galleries you have to implement user handling and an index page yourself. Other nice things as user upload possibilities to your albums are missing too, but it'll have to do for me for now.

I put together one example album for each of the three flash tools here:

Henning Stoerk, 2007-08-10

Samuel, Picasa is pretty good for a Windows user. :-)

Sascha, I have used Gallery for almost six years. Enough was enough.

Volker Weber, 2007-08-10

Doesn't work for me, Henning. Server asks for a login. Btw: you can use http-Links like this:

Volker Weber, 2007-08-10

Sorry, it's Daniel Staudigel, not Staudiger.

Henning Stoerk, 2007-08-10

The need for a login should be removed now. Please try again, if you like.

Henning Stoerk, 2007-08-10

Considering the price tag, I'll stay with the iPhoto-plugin for picasaweb...

wolfgang gottesheim, 2007-08-10

Henning, you should have told me you were talking about SimpleViewer. Yes, this is indeed very nice.

Wolfgang, it boils down to the question how much your time is worth. ;-)

Volker Weber, 2007-08-10

Yep, sorry, just realized that I didn't mention any of the tools' names SimpleViewer, AutoViewer or PostcardViewer. Btw, I prefer AutoViewer to the other two for its sleekness.

I also didn't do a search before. If I had, I'd found your post about SimpleViewer from November 2004. What's new since then though is the iPhoto WebExport plugin (and its templates), which IMHO is far more comfortable to use than SimpleViewerAdmin.

Henning Stoerk, 2007-08-10

Lotus Notes template using SimpleViewer.

Brian Green, 2007-08-10


managing your pictures on the web gallery is actually amazingly easy.

Just make your changes (ownership, moving, etc) in your iPhoto 08 set and they will be immediately synced with your .mac gallery in a matter of seconds.

Pieter Lansbergen, 2007-08-10

Well, I visited other .mac-galleries now and I'm now sure that their compression makes the picture kind of unsharp.

Martin Hiegl, 2007-08-11

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