I hope Viktor is buying beers

by Volker Weber

lotusphere invitation

It was a tough decision, because I did not really want to visit the US any more. In the end I had to put my personal feelings behind. Good news: Most likely I won't be late for any Saturday night events this year.

The other good news for German attendees: Lufthansa flies FRA-MCO nonstop beginning in October. Check out LH 464 (FRA 1405 MCO 1830) and LH 465 (MCO 2025 FRA 1120 +1).


I don't know about beers but I'll sure be glad to buy you one. Maybe even an imported one.

Viktor Krantz, 2007-08-13

Thanks for this flight information.

Lotusphere guys, hurry up, only a small number of free seats left on these flights. I already had to book one day earlier (friday) for the flight FRA to MCO (from ZRH).

Andy Brunner, 2007-08-13

See you at LH464 / 465...

Thomas Lang, 2007-08-13

On the way back, yes. :-)

Volker Weber, 2007-08-13

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