Alan has changed

by Volker Weber

alan has changed

[Thanks, Andy]


I don´t know who Alan is, but he or rather she looks great. :-)

BTW, the eMail Adress at the bottom at "Why am I seeing this website" reads: about the domain, with status: Expired

Adalbert Duda, 2007-08-13

So now he finally moved to NZ? ;-)

Oliver Regelmann, 2007-08-13

At least they got the backpack part of Alan's attire right....

Bruce Elgort, 2007-08-13

:-( I can't f'n believe that my domain name expired without registerfly even sending me a renewal email. I'm working on getting it updated, but I am not a happy camper.

Alan Lepofsky, 2007-08-13

This is not good. The domain registration expired at 09:42 GMT yesterday and a domain monetiser picked it up, seemingly immediately.

Note to self (and others):

Check your domain registration. Mark expiry date on calendar. Renew well in advance.

That is all.

Chris Linfoot, 2007-08-13

Chris, I did not know that "monetiser" picked it up! What does that mean? I logged onto registerfly this morning, and followed the steps to renew the domains, but my status says "submitted to queue for batch processing. If the name is already expired it will take around 1 hour to be processed." It has been much more than one hour. Does monetiser now own my domains? Aggghhh.

Alan Lepofsky, 2007-08-13

Don't worry Alan, it happened to me last year too. And I had a very similar replacement page for a day or so.

Almost all domain registrars these days have a 30 day "redemption period" where you can get back your expired name. The page you're seeing seems to be kind of a holding page that the domain companies (or someone) use while you're in that period of time.

Hopefully they won't charge you a reactivation fee.

Julian Robichaux, 2007-08-13

Alan, I hope you will get the domain back. Remember this one?


Andre Hausberger, 2007-08-13

Julian, sorry did not see your comment before sending mine - glad to see that all is not lost......

Andre Hausberger, 2007-08-13

Alan, the domain is still yours. Expired domains are placed in a 30 days redemption period when you can take back the ownership.

You will need to contact your domain registrar to follow up the process. Usually a fee is involved.

BTW: Not sure if it is a proxy problem at my end but is not rendering properly from IE6

Mirel Popa, 2007-08-13

Website is:

Mirel Popa, 2007-08-13

In Germany you wouldn't have that much of a problem getting this domain back even if it was taken by someone else, due to the fact that you've got rights at(?) this name and he does not. Are there no similar laws in the US?

I dunno, but I don't have to check any expiry date, because it's extends automatically.

Martin Hiegl, 2007-08-13

@Alan - it seems that your own registrar is monetising your domain. If anyone stays on your new site for long enough, they'll end up clicking on a paid link.

This seems a bit mean - allowing your domain to expire and then serving paid clicks until you notice and re-register. At the very least they could have told you before it expired, though it seems that reclaiming it will not be an issue.

Chris Linfoot, 2007-08-13

@ Alan, have you had any correspondence with your registrar recently? I seem to recall that registerfly hit a slight problem.

More info here

Maybe a good time to look at a new registrar/host?

Simon Scullion, 2007-08-14

Wild guess: they sent you an expiry reminder, but it stuck in your spam filter.
Been there, done that™

Don't forget to whitelist your registrar…


Karsten W. Rohrbach, 2007-08-14

Simon, I did not know about any of that! I have some domains with 1&1, and unfortunately these with registerfly. I now want to move asap!

Alan Lepofsky, 2007-08-14

So the saga continues. GoDaddy does not own my domains, does. So now I am working with them, but it involves things like faxing in my ID and signature! UGGGGG.

Alan Lepofsky, 2007-08-14

Alan's blog is back!

Bruce Elgort, 2007-08-15

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