Facebook Exporter for iPhoto

by Volker Weber

Facebook Exporter for iPhoto is a free plugin for iPhoto that enables you to export photos directly to your Facebook account.

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It´s getting addictive, isn´t ist? ;)

James Gardener, 2007-08-13

Its pretty addictive , its amazing mind you.. how much of my social life have changed in the past few years , a lot of my social life is now on line. But .. I was reading a book recently regarding Software marketing flops, where they dicsussed the dot.co, burst, the point was made that the web would never replace existing sales distribution channels, they would be additional points of sale, and the same can be said for social networks. They are a supplement, I've made great friends on line, found it easier to keep up with old ones but still maintain the usual social outlets for those that are not on line.

One thing I do not have any more is free time :-)

Eileen Fitzgerald, 2007-08-14

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