Ron Sebastian demos Notes 8

by Bruce Elgort

Watch IBM's Ron Sebastian, executive architect for Lotus Software, demonstrate some of the new features in the Lotus Notes 8 client and Domino server collaboration platform.

[via Alan on Facebook]


Sure, steal my blog post for tomorrow :-)

Alan Lepofsky, 2007-08-16

You mean Bruce stole something you don't even have yet? He sure is quick, isn't he?

Volker Weber, 2007-08-16

Didn't you know? Bruce and Alan are in fact one and the same person.

Chris Linfoot, 2007-08-16

Alan and I have been photographed together in the same room very recently. Look here.

Bruce Elgort, 2007-08-16

Bruce - you had your picture taken with the Big Lepofsky inflatable doll that Ed uses for his photos, right?

Ben Rose, 2007-08-16

Exactly Ben. That doll gets shipped around the world in a special container. It did wind up in a terrorist nation earlier this week hence the outage of Alan's blog.

Bruce Elgort, 2007-08-16

My self worth is dropping rapidly!

Alan Lepofsky, 2007-08-16

Je lisais quelque chose d'autre à ce sujet sur un autre blog. Intéressant. Votre position sur elle est diamétralement contredit ce que j'ai lu plus t?t. Je suis encore contempler sur les points de vue opposés, mais je suis à bout fortement vers le v?tre. Et peu importe, c'est ce qui est si grande sur la démocratie moderne et le marché de la pensée en ligne.

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