Skype connection woes

by Volker Weber

Skype seems to be having connectivity issues. It started yesterday and I am currently unable to connect. Are you having the same issues?


Did you see this?

John Keys, 2007-08-16

Yep, same here. Co-workers in Berlin are having the same problem, as well as Cologne. Nobody seems to be able to connect...

Dennis Kirschner, 2007-08-16

John, I have not seen it. Seems to be the explanation.

Volker Weber, 2007-08-16

Yes i have the same problem

Andrea Altefrone, 2007-08-16

Same thing in Kansas City.

Viktor Krantz, 2007-08-16

Same problem here in the States.

Amy Blumenfield, 2007-08-16

Same here in the UK... Dead as a dodo...

Stuart McIntyre, 2007-08-16

Can't imagine it is in any way related, but LinkedIn seems very slow this afternoon as well. The basic page loads, but I can't get a list of connections to appear. Anyone else having the same problem?

Stuart McIntyre, 2007-08-16

Just came online.

Amy Blumenfield, 2007-08-16

There I was thinking I was the only person logged in to skype ;)

Yup.. Its dead allright.

Paul Mooney, 2007-08-16

Deadness. I'm glad to know it wasn't me.

Rob Novak, 2007-08-16

Skype Heartbeat, 'We expect this to be resolved within 12 to 24 hours".

Stefan Funke, 2007-08-16 podcast recordings today :(

Bruce Elgort, 2007-08-16

Same here as well. And I just thought people were just being quiet today.

Matt White, 2007-08-16;_ylt=ApjXoVp0kV83bPhkrZSSpyes0NUE

Rod Westwood, 2007-08-16

there is an open alternative:

Detlev Buschkamp, 2007-08-16

Yes, same here. I thought it was just me.

Richard Schwartz, 2007-08-16

Had two successful connects today - but no other users online besides one currently in Brazil. Chatting worked two times, around 5 Minutes each - and then broke in the middle of the chat. However, connection problems did not start yesterday - we experienced slighter problems within the wohle last month or so.

Michael Gollmick, 2007-08-16

It’s technology SNAFU day today. I grabbed the latest PPC security update from Apple this morning, and now the iMac G4 is dead in the water (reformatting the hard drive as I type).

No Skype, Sametime down at work… Tsk!


Ben Poole, 2007-08-16

It's been up and down all day for me.

According to PC World, it may be out until tomorrow.,136048-c,webtelephonyconferencing/article.html

Henry Ferlauto, 2007-08-16

Same problem here several ours later.

Perhaps time to move back to Jabber and non-proprietary servers?

Pieter Lansbergen, 2007-08-16

dead as a dead fish...

Heiko Müller, 2007-08-16

Also in Italy we are experiencing skype connection problem.

danilo maurizio, 2007-08-16

Skype was briefly back for me, about an hour ago. But funnily enough, no-one was on-line ;o)

Re “time to move”: a tad extreme I’d say. Skype’s down: It’s not the end of the world!

Ben Poole, 2007-08-16

Its back up now .. I am online

stuart c, 2007-08-17

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