Notes default install

by Volker Weber

Notes default install

Does anybody know the reason why Notes isn't installing Activities, Composite Applications Editor and the IBM Productivity Tools by default? I thought these were some of the most important innovations in Notes 8.

At first I thought it was to save space, but a fresh install does not even blast past 15000 files, 1300 folders or 1 GB. ;-)

notes 8 install


I would assume that this would be to give the users a vanilla/just-like-7 install, with the ability to add the more elective solutions at will.

Also, keep in mind that most companies wouldn't send out a 1GB installer, but rather work with their given network-based application installation/imaging solutions and given "builds" would be pushed out via policy.

You're sorta seeing the install from a person who's downloaded the entire thing directly from the vendor and is installing it on his own system.

Chris Toohey, 2007-08-17

Easy for one of them, Activities requires that you purchase Connections and install that also.

As for the other parts, makes no sense to me.

Saying that you should be able to provision Activities when ready. The others? Another installation

Chris Miller, 2007-08-17

It is a test for users smartness.... only the enlightened ones will enjoy all the shiny new features. I guess the install customization toolkit needed a justification (look: everybody is using it).
:-) stw

Stephan H. Wissel, 2007-08-17

Chris, it looks like the Producitity Editors can be provisioned by the Domino server using Policies.

Alan Lepofsky, 2007-08-17

Some companies may not want to push out a new Office Suite to users.

Activities is an add-on to the client and shouldn't appear in the menu. You would be irate if you had an Activities plugin installed by default in your sidebar but no activities server. You can't please everyone, but in this case I'm sure you'd complain about the activities part either way. I agree with Chris, Activities should be able to be provisioned at a later point as a separate install.

Regarding the Composite Applications Editor, shouldn't that be under Designer? ;)

Chris Whisonant, 2007-08-17

For Productivity Editors: Save a xls file that just contains "1" in the first column and open it in Spreadsheets and the program will tell you that the file is too complex and might not save correctly (when lawyers design software).
It automatically registers file types that are associated with Open Office too.
Activities makes sense to me. I am not sure about Composite Application Editor but Designer is not checked either.
I am more surprised that Single Sign On is not checked and Notes still likes to install the much beloved modem files.

Henning Heinz, 2007-08-17

if only it weren´t such a royal PITA to find the download link..... Can some kind soul publish it here?

Armin Roth, 2007-08-17

Armin, you can stop looking. Lotus publishes demos only weeks after shipping the code. Partnerworld subscribers and Passport Advantage customers must have some sort of an advantage over the unwashed masses. ;-)

Volker Weber, 2007-08-17

Volker, "Partnerworld subscribers and Passport Advantage customers must have some sort of an advantage over the unwashed masses. ;-)"

I think that is called paid subscriptions. Only fair it would seem to me that the one's paying for it get it first.

Carl Tyler, 2007-08-17

Correct. Otherwise they would stop paying. I am just explaining to Armin why he can stop looking.

Volker Weber, 2007-08-18

fair enough. Not everything in life is free.

Armin Roth, 2007-08-18

another reason might be that IBM is running out of questions for their ND8 certification program. ;-)

Thomas Mendorf, 2007-08-20

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