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by Volker Weber

I am keeping this anonymous. "Other guy" is experiencing problems with Notes 8. He cannot connect to his server. Nping works, but Notes does not connect. I was suggesting a few things to try. To no avail. A few hours of fiddling around later:

Other guy: looks like i'm not alone
Other guy: xxxxx xxxxxx has the same problem with connecting
Volker Weber: interesting that nobody is reporting that openly
Other guy: i'm not far from it
Other guy: sadly i can't connect to my blog to do it

Mine is connecting just fine.


Use the webUI of the Blog to report?
:-) stw

Stephan H. Wissel, 2007-08-18

If this is the same other guy I'm thinking of, he's doing this in a vm, and did the initial install over a beta 3 without first uninstalling.

None of that is to say it shouldn't work. It does shed a bit more light however.

For what its worth, its working fine for me.

Andrew Pollack, 2007-08-18

The other guy did uninstall beta 3. He did install the classic client (for now) and it's working fine.

Bruce Elgort, 2007-08-18

I did an install from 7.0.2 to Beta 3 to Beta "4" to Gold. I'm only getting an issue with Prod. Tools when creating docs. Everything else is great.

Chris Whisonant, 2007-08-18

@Bruce - you must be thinking of xxxxx xxxxxxx guy, other guy isn't working yet. But might be soon. So I hear.

Rob Novak, 2007-08-18

Or not.

Rob Novak, 2007-08-18

For what it is worth ... I have done about 50 installs since the gold code came out. Not a single one has had any issues. It is a mixture of personal, PSC, and various client installs. Lots of different hardware and networking. That includes 4 VM installs, including getting a default VM for client iterations set up.

I am not doing any upgrades since Beta 3. All new installs are upgrades from 7.0.X (the majority).

Sounds like someone has other stuff going on causing issues.

John Head, 2007-08-18

And now they are gong to wireshark to find out what other stuff that may be.

Rob Novak, 2007-08-18

So both cases are folks on Macs using Bootcamp or Parallels, correct? I think a bit more detail might be in order in the main posting ... so people do not thing this is happening in a SUPPORTED configuration.

That being said, I have it working in VMWare on both the mac and pc.

John Head, 2007-08-18

FWIW I’ve run Notes 5.x, Notes 6.5.3, Notes 6.5.5, Notes 7.0.2 and Notes 8.0 beta 3 and they’ve all exhibited this behaviour at one point or other. This is on IBM and Lenovo ThinkPads, and one virtual machine. The common issue is that somewhere along the line a VPN connection was involved.

It’s down to something very technical, which I call “shitty network stack”. Windows suffers from it too.

Ben Poole, 2007-08-18


Same here...I have run all of the Notes 8 betas on Parallels on OS X. They all had no issues. I am going to attempt the whole thing again tomorrow but for now I am going to make a martini.

Bruce Elgort, 2007-08-19

It's a very odd situation. People who know very well how to debug a network stack can't get a grip on it. You attack it via the standard protocol: media access, IP connectivity, UDP, TCP, ping, traceroute, telnet, nping, then different "configurations" of Notes and it still does not work. Very strange.

Volker Weber, 2007-08-19

After installing the classic client and then removing it and then installing the rich client I was able to get Notes 8 running and connecting to my servers. I guess it works in this "unsupported" configuration after all.

Here is a pretty screenshot

Bruce Elgort, 2007-08-19

Other guy is on VMWare on a Mac. Wireshark reports that Notes (after 5 progressively very clean installs) is initially making DNS requests (very and unnecessarily chatty ones IMO) and receiving good ACKs but then never even trying to initiate a TCP connection over 1352 to replicate. Subsequent attempts to replicate simply do not even generate any network traffic which is incredibly suspicious. It's like the client no longer knows how to talk to the server. A very clean NEW install won't even complete setup because it can't (won't) reach the server on setup.

Same issue trying to open a connection to a server with Ctrl-O, with either host name or IP.

The issue started after installing gold code. Beta 3 ran fine in this configuration for 2 weeks.

Rob Novak, 2007-08-19

It's a network issue - or more specifically how some applications behave when there is a network issue. I found another application that won't connect. Most will.

I'm other guy, the only reason it was anonymous was that I logged off before Volker could ask me to use my name.

Anyone out there concerned about this being too vague, it's because there are few details to start. App won't run, working like hell to fix it. There's way more info now and I'm tracking it down on the network side.

Rob Novak, 2007-08-20

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