Domino 8: using SMTP outbound authentication to relay hosts

by Volker Weber

About five years ago mail providers started requiring authenticated connections from their users for the delivery of outbound messages. Notes was able to provide this authentication, but Domino was not. If you wanted to deliver outbound messages to a relay host, you had to use some obscure SMTP proxy to provide the necessary authentication.

This changes with Domino 8. Now the server can authenticate at the relay host. Ulrich Krause explains how to make this work:

One of the new features in the brand new release 8 of IBM's Lotus Notes and Domino is the SMTP outbound authentication (SMTP AUTH) to relay hosts. Most of the ISPs only allow authenticated users / server to relay mail thru their server.

To setup this new feature follow these simple steps:

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Jeffrey Franchetti, 2007-08-19

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