Nokia releases Mail for Exchange 2.0

by Volker Weber

Mail for Exchange 2.0

Nokia has released a new version of Mail for Exchange which now also syncs tasks in addition to calendar, contacts, and mail. Mail for Exchange supports all E-series phones as well as the N73, N76 and N95.

Mail for Exchange 2.0 lets you search the Global Address List. Messages inside Mail for Exchange show up in the standard search in S60.

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/sarcasm on
And Mail for Domino 2.0 was released earlier?
/sarcasm off

Gregg Eldred, 2007-08-19

What should it talk to on the server side? IBM relies on partners, yada, yada ...

Interesting tidbit: There was talk about a big announcement at ND8 release time. Well, that was last week. Looks like IBM lawyers shot it down.

Volker Weber, 2007-08-19

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