Lotus Notes and Domino 8 podcast

by Bruce Elgort

Last Friday Julian Robichaux had a chance to interview Mary Beth Raven, Alan Lepofsky, Ed Brill and Rob Novak about the launch of IBM's new and exciting Lotus Notes and Domino 8. There is lots of good information in this show about the new release and some interesting insights about some of the new features. You will also learn about some upcoming events and new marketing efforts for this exciting new release. Unfortunately I was unable to make the call due to a scheduling conflict. More Notes and Domino 8 podcasts are in the queue. Stay tuned. Are you as excited as I am about Notes and Domino 8. No really....I AM!

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Yes, the R5 campaign really is great!

Lars Berntrop-Bos, 2007-08-20


They do talk about the R5 campaign in the podcast. :-)

Bruce Elgort, 2007-08-20

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