Installing Notes 8 on Ubuntu 7.04: now it's looking good

by Volker Weber

Installing Lotus Notes 8 on Ubuntu

[Ubuntu with Clearlooks theme fullscreen on Macbook at 1280x800: full picture. Same screenshot on Windows XP with Zune theme and with default theme. Larger screen on Vista without Aero and Vista with Aero, courtesy of Matthias. Thanks!]

Rod Stauffer had the missing piece: install the ttf-xfree86-nonfree package which includes the default Notes font. Summary:


Another missing piece: GTK 2 theme. Dropdown buttons in screenshot looks very ugly comparing with other controls

Egor Margineanu, 2007-08-22

What is the exact package you wish to install?

Volker Weber, 2007-08-22

There is no package as far as I know.
But may be someone will create a GTK theme to follow Notes 8 design.

Egor Margineanu, 2007-08-22

fyi: Worked like this without problems on Kubuntu 7.04 - additionally I had to install and (I had to start the client from a terminal to see it complaining about these missing libs). Thanks for the summary!

Urban Hillebrand, 2007-08-23

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