John Head is right: If it is in Notes, it needs to work off-line ...

by Volker Weber

Notes client users have expectations ... they expect things to work off-line. Period. No room for discussion. Zero. Period.

Amen. But what about Sametime then? OK, low blow. But John's mantra makes it perfectly clear what is broken in Activities. If you can't see your tasks, especially now that you organized all in Activities, it's pretty much useless when on the plane or at a client, or off-line.

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Actually Sametime has the offline mode which still launches your buddylist and fires up the plug-ins. Which are useful in themselves. Yes, Activities needs and offline mode, which we made sure was heard this week

Chris Miller, 2007-08-23

Ok, so its not a black and white statement, but I made that post based on Activities and another planned feature that will end up in the sidebar. I am not sure how to word it so it is more accurate, but how about "if it works in Notes and I can interact with it solo, it should work off-line" ... is that better?

John Head, 2007-08-23


Is that the Royal 'we'? :-D

Ben Rose, 2007-08-23

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