Will the real iMovie come forward?

by Volker Weber


When Apple updated iLife to version '08 they introduced a new iMovie application. It does not have anything in common with iMovie HD from iLife '06, and many people complained. iMovie '08 lets you put videos together very quickly, but it is more limited in functionality. One of the things I am missing is a sound mixer. So for those who can find the US on a map, there is iMovie HD available for download. Looks like the installer may be checking whether you have iLife '08 installed, but I am not entirely sure about that.

And then there is Final Cut Express HD for $299.00 and Final Cut Studio for $1,299.00. They are both way over my head, but iMovie HD was just right. So I am happy that Apple keeps it available.


For those who are missing functionality from iMovie 6, they will find the version they have been using up until they installed iLife '08 in a folder apparently called "Previous iMovie".

Those who did not own iMovie 6 before but wish to or must use it (iMovie '08 officially does not run on G4s) can download the version 6.0.4 which Volker mentions. The installer does check for the presence of iLife '08 on the hard drive so you cannot use this download to update from 6.0.3 to this version (unless, of course, you have iLife '08 installed).

Thomas Griesbaum, 2007-08-28

I have never used iMovieHD but bought a version of iLife08 just yesterday.
I like iMovie very much - it is easy to use and hits the spot for me!

Also the new event view in iPhoto makes it a little bit easier.


Albert Dandl, 2007-08-28

I'm in line with Volker.
I used imovie06 now and than - now I tried imovie08 and I love it.
The only thing I miss is the flexible handling of sound and the import of .mov files (have to use quicktime to convert them to .dv stream first).
I will probably never use imovie06 any more but am happy that I could if I want.

Wolfgang Schmidetzki, 2007-08-28

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