Upgrading a Samsung SGH-i600 to Windows Mobile 6

by Volker Weber

I was getting a bit wary of Samsung for not releasing the WM6 update as promised and removing some countries from the download site. Time to cook up a procedure to get it done anyway. This works only for the i600 (not the Blackjack). You will lose all data on the device. If you break your device, you own all the parts.

  1. Install ActiveSync 4.5 and the Samsung modem drivers.
  2. Check your version information. If you have i600XXGD1 on all three components, then jump to step 6. Otherwise get the update to firmware i600XXGD1 from the Internets. You will find it.
  3. Disable USB access in ActiveSync and install the i600XXGD1 update.
  4. To get this done you need to put the device in a special mode by holding the right soft key and the cancel key on the right hand side when switching on. Too complicated? See this image.
  5. Be patient. This takes a long time. Phone will reboot and then reboot again.
  6. Go to the WM6 update site and grab any language version you like. Read: a language you understand.
  7. Go to the service menu on your device: *#1546792*#
  8. Select Preconfiguration. Password: *#81230*#
  9. Select country and operator matching your download from update site.
  10. Phone will reboot and then reboot again.
  11. Enable USB access in ActiveSync and install the i600UXXGG2 update
  12. Be patient. This takes a long time. Phone will reboot and then reboot again.
  13. Go to the service menu on your device: *#1546792*#
  14. Select Preconfiguration. Password: *#81230*#
  15. Select your own country and operator.
  16. Phone will reboot and then reboot again.

That was easy, eh? Et voila:

home screen



Samsung SGH-i600 vs Nokia E61i

What do you say?


pierre kerchner, 2007-09-02

8 - 10

Volker Weber, 2007-09-02

Look a lot more complicated that the upgrade on my HTC S620.

1. Connect device with PC (Device Center on Vista)
2. Run upgrade (takes about 4-5 min)
3. Phone reboots and continues upgrade
4. Finished

Guess the complexity depends on the device manufacturer ...

Peter de Haas, 2007-09-03

That's how it would work, if the Samsung installer would just upgrade the phone instead of checking the previously installed version and the country the device was preset for. So we need to pull a few tricks to fulfill the prerequisites for the installation. And undo the tricks after installation.

The "Standard" version of Windows Mobile (5 and 6) has the benefit that it is small enough to fit all languages into one set of ROMs. The one with touch screen support is so big that it needs different versions per language.

What is even easier is a BlackBerry upgrade.

- Install upgrade files to PC.
- Connect device and let the loader do its thing.

The BlackBerry will retains all data and setting through the upgrade. The loader does a full backup/restore cycle without intervention.

Volker Weber, 2007-09-03

Many thanks for the info - didn't bother with Installing WM6 (I'll wait for the official Samsung update), but it did allow me to de-brand the i600 and remove that *nasty* Orange UK software!



Paul McGuinness, 2007-09-05

Thanks for the information! Installed WM6 successfully (had to downgrade to XXGD1 from XXGD2 first but in the end it worked). My question - where is the VOIP/SIP function? (i.e. the whole point of going through all of this?).



Julian Cox, 2007-09-07

Awesome:) upgrade done and it works perfectly. wm5 to wm6 on the samsung i600

mags moonsamy, 2007-09-25

Any idea when the WM6 update will be available for english users?

Dan Moskowitz, 2007-10-06

South Afican Version of i600

Hi, I'm in need of assistance. I cannot get the phone to flash with i600updater.exe as i can only change to these countries

South Africa

my version is i600jcge1

Please can you send me a step by step detailed instructions and links for all the files I need.

Thank You very Much

Greg Goodwill, 2007-10-11

I have a i 600 model number i600jugf1 I want to install wm6 but
there are only turkey and arabic in the Preconfiguration menu !!
how can I add bulgarian or somethings like this country?

HAMZA BILGEIN, 2007-10-11

please help me to get windows mobile 6 for my samsung i600 south africa
version i600JCGE1 please help me

thanx tinus

tinus j v nieuwenhuizen, 2007-11-16

is it possible to downgrade from WM6 to WM5?

I have an arabic i600 and the WM6 version would take around 6 months ( according to the dealer). I don't need the arabic support now but in case i do, would i be able to downgrade?

Saeed Zahrani, 2007-11-21

hi there guys, iv been trying to get the wm6 upgrade going but had a few glitches.. iv got all the required software from the samsung and microsoft sites, but how on earth does one "flash" a handset.. from version i600JCGE1 to the required version for the firmware upgrade?

much appreciated, great advice btw..

Ziyaad Jagot, 2007-12-10

Wow...step3....i have been searching for the phlipn update to firmware i600XXGD1 and the rapidshare...and some other link just want me to buy space to upload stuff...please help me with a link directly to the i600xxgd1 exe.or zip...

Kevin Roelofse, 2007-12-14

When you say long time, how long is it? Currently updating, it took about 40 mins already, stuck on "3. Phone [ START ]", at the bottom of the screen it says "Time: XXX" and a 3-digit numbers (XXX) change in quick succession. Is it still updating or what?

Alexey Yudichev, 2007-12-23

3. Phone [ START ]", at the bottom of the screen it says "Time: XXX" and a 3-digit numbers (XXX) change in quick succession.

I had the same issue. Please take care that Windows 2000/XP have access to the Samsung i600 modem drivers sources because Windows wants to install the drivers a second time (don't use a USB stick for this). Than the update should works.

Jens Reimann, 2007-12-24

Actually this "Time: XXX" with changing numbers means the update has been finished - confirmed that with Samsung support. I've just restarted the phone (had to take out the battery) and it worked.

Alexey Yudichev, 2007-12-27

Hi Tinus,

Did you manage to upgrade your i600 to Mobile 6?
I am also in South Africa and need to install Mobile 6 to allow me to synch with Lotus Notes.

Wondering if you had any luck - since I have the same SGH-i600.
PDA Version: i600JCGE1
Phone Version: i600JCGE1
EBoot Version: i600JCGE1

If anyone else has step by step instructions it would be greatly appreciated.


Patrick Johnson, 2008-01-14

Hi there,

For all those people stuck with the UK Orange version of WM5 (your can't upgrade to WM6 on the Samsung site if you are on UK Orange), there is finally a solution.

Using Volker's instructions (Many thanks!), and a flash file on DoCaMo, I've managed to get a simple guide to WM6 upgrading without having to change languages etc.

Deets are here >


Paul McGuinness

Paul McGuinness, 2008-01-29

For those with South Africa' s I600 the steps explained by Volker Weber are more than enough.

Upgrade to the UK firmware I600XXGD1, (one from South Africa has the firmware) google imamba and follow the instructions....

Just go the samsung update page

Samsung WM6 Update

write your firmware version; i600XXGD1, and your serial number

Download the ActiveSync 4.5
Download the CMDA modem driver, same as blackjack II modem driver
Download the phone updater software

on the Step 9 select UK country & Vodafone postpay operator

Follow the rest of the steps.

I bought an unlocked Telecom Italia, TIM, I600 from ebay.

Currently I live in Spain, Orange network, and everything works perfect!

Juan Mezerhane, 2008-02-14

Please i need your help, i upgraded my samsung SGH-i600 with a wrong update and now it is dead. i tried the hard reset but no use. Even my USB port is blocked. Do you have a solution for this???

Khalid Mowad, 2008-02-19


I have followed the steps and was able to upgrade my SGH-i600 to Windows Mobile 6, but after upgrading I am not able to see the Office stuff on my mobile.

Do we have to do some thing different to get the office (Word, Excel) on to my SGH-i600?

Thank you,
Santosh Panduga

Santosh Panduga, 2008-02-21

Has anyone in SA attempted the procedure listed in Juan's post? Samsung SA told me on Friday that any service centre in SA will be able to carry out the upgrade (charged for, but I have no idea how much).

Paul Van Uytrecht, 2008-02-23

Hallo afrikaners,

Ek het sopas suid afrikaanse weergawe SGH-i600 foon opgradeer na WM6, sonder probleme. (eerste keer wat ek firmware flash). Moet eers port na EU firmware en dan die WM6 upgrade doen.

Volg net die instruksies van hier vir wm6 en hier vir VOIP.

Enigste waarde wat ek kan bylas is dat wanneer jy wm6 upgrade doen en by stap 3 die foon nommertjies rol, se party threads dat jy maar battery kan uithaal aangesien die installasie klaar is. Verkeerd! As jy stop sal jou foon version nog SA version bly. Wag maar vir installasie om foon te reboot. Check die sagteware op jou laptop, ek vermoed dit beinvloed die foon se reboot.

Wag nog vir SGH-i600 Office 2007 full installasie :P

Lekker tye!

Martiens Vollgraaff, 2008-03-11

man you are the best thank you! from Swaziland


Hi Paul!

I own an i600 from France (Orange version), and I bought it unlocked, and now I use it in my country (Republic of Moldova) and it work`s very well.

Version of my i600 is: "i600BVGD2", and I would know if I can use this tutorial to upgrade my i600 to WM6 ?

I`m very afraid to not lock my phone to other operators...

Pavel Ciorici, 2008-03-31

I have an i600XXGC6 and want to upgrade it to WM6.
Any sugestion?
Thanks in advance.

Nestor Pietersz, 2008-05-16

You can easily reinstall Arabic after the upgrade by finding a file called "SmartArabizerSuite_LOC_AR.cab" before you upgrade from WM5 to WM6. It is a hidden file. Save to your hard drive then put onto a flash card after the WM6 upgrade and you can have Arabic again.

The problem is that your WAP and data settings will not work properly if your operator is not listed in the Services Menu.


Ahmed Naser, 2008-05-18

Close service 31 october...not luck...

dar serf gaer, 2008-11-01

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