IBM people can't get Notes either :-)

by Volker Weber

IBM people can't get Notes 8 either

Looks like it's not only journalists and analysts who can't get Notes 8. Even IBM people seem to have a hard time finding it. :-)


AFAIK IBMers were told to stick with a beta for their internal Notes clients, at least that was the case about a week ago.

Joe Munguia, 2007-09-07

@Joe - any reasoning behind that? Are they set to roll out a later release? Interesting stuff, as I still get emails from IBMers that have the signature Beta 3 HTML problems. I can tell its Beta 3 without looking at the headers ;-)

Rob Novak, 2007-09-07

Oy vey, Juergen hat wohl ein falsches Forum fuer seine Frage gewaehlt ;)

Yury Kats, 2007-09-07

Joe, I've never heard anything like that. Anyway, IBMers can easily download Notes 8, actually any IBM software they want, from the internal mirror of Passport. IBM has 350,000 employees, the fact that they don't all know this is not a big surprise, nor something we need to turn into a discussion thread. I will contact the person in the screen shot above.

Alan Lepofsky, 2007-09-08

I downloaded the release version of Notes 8 from the site Alan mentioned above on the day of release. Most general IBM staff download their client builds from a separate distribution server which will undoubtedly be upgraded to include Notes 8 once it has been given a once over by that team.

John Wylie, 2007-09-08

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