Installing what?

by Volker Weber

installing uninstaller


Isn't it an imperative?

Gregory Engels, 2007-09-08

Have you installed MS 4? Does it work with 10.4.10? The serial is in my mail but I have fear that it will break again everything like 3.x did... when I installed it first, when I installed it with a new device (treo 750) and when I installed 10.4.10 the first time. This f*** software and the not existing support let me seriously thinking about switching back to windows.

Richard Kaufmann, 2007-09-08

No, I have not. Yesterday I received a email from PocketMac suggesting I try their latest sync software for Windows Mobile 5 and 6. So I uninstalled Missing Sync and installed PocketMac. Does not work at all so far.

Using a Windows Mobile device with a Mac is a major PITA. Since Nokia has a decent Mac support now, I don't use Windows Mobile devices for any real work any more.

Volker Weber, 2007-09-08

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