BBspot - Jobs Offers Apple Lisa Early Adopters Store Credit

by Volker Weber

Cupertino, CA – Early adopters of the iPhone weren't the only ones receiving in-store credit from Steve Jobs. In an overlooked announcement, Jobs said that early adopters of the Apple Lisa would be receiving a $7000 in-store credit. ... Sales figures from that year show that if all people who bought the computer claim the refund, Apple could be liable for almost $70,000.Apple representatives said that consumers shouldn't expect a refund every time a product bombs or prices drop. These two cases were the "exception rather than the rule."

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That is priceless. Any chance it will be extended to the Newton? Or the 20th Anniversary Mac? :-)

Gregg Eldred, 2007-09-10

... gab es wirklich nur 10 Käufer einer LISA? Oder ist das mit den 70.000 US-$ eine falsche Zahl???

Jan Fuellemann, 2007-09-12

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