Some remarkable talking points from Ed's keynote at CU

by Volker Weber

John types what Ed is saying:

17 Years, 130 million users, 46,000 organizations

Those are cumulative numbers. IBM does not say how many users they have on active maintenance. I have heard numbers, but I am not going to put them out there. Let's just assume it is much lower.

Mac Beta in 8.0.1 ... Eclipse 3.4 required and not ready yet
Notes 8.0.1 planned for "around Lotusphere"

Eclipse RCP 3.4 is currently at M1 (milestone 1). Once it is released, Expeditor needs to be upgraded, yada yada. Early 2008 we will then see a beta of Notes 8 on the Mac. IBM does not have to sync the release with 8.0.2 (or any other release) as they have shown with 7.0.2/Mac. Let's assume it will be released sometime in 2008.

8.0.1 "around Lotusphere" also means that those who voted "next year" where the smart ones. ;-)

Ed also mentions in his own comments:

One thing I forgot to mention on the Mac point is that in 7.0.3, we'll be adding Java agent support to the Notes / Mac client. (Java applets are still not supported)

Java agents are a lot more important than applets. So that is a good decision.

Lotus Domino "Next" plans: allow names to be managed in AD/LDAP

I think this has first been promised for Domino 8. And it will be a good thing when it finally ships. The Domino Directory is a mixed bag of things that don't really belong together. Separate people from configurations and life becomes easier for any customer who has to sync multiple directories.

Remember, all of this is "subject to change" of course when new stuff is talked about.

As if we did not know.

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I guess I see one big reason for Java applets - Graphics. E.g., say you want to show an executive a pie chart ( like 1-2-3 could do 25 years ago. ) I do not know of a way to show it to IE/FF/Safari users as well as Notes clients on Win/Mac. pie, bar, Gannt, line, scatter, radar, ...

Was anything mentioned about HTML, expecially in mail?
My understanding was that, presumablely for security reasons, Outlook was being changed to not use IE to render mail. Yet IBM chose to use IE in the initial version of R8/win even though it is the least safe, compliant and cross-platform layout engine. In particular, that means that R8.0.TBD/mac will use a different HTML rendering engine than R8.0.0/win. Has anyone heard anything newer on this issue?

Lee Davis, 2007-09-11

I wonder what JVM they will be using for a the agents? Do IBM have one running on the Mac now?

Kerr Rainey, 2007-09-11

Not the first time that you mention the not-so-impressing number of Notes customers with maintenance. I keep asking myself if it would not be better to let it out (or not mention it at all). Yes, I know. Your site, your rules.
Even 46.000 (worldwide) customers sounds low to me (ignoring that a lot of those customers have a lot of seats).

Henning Heinz, 2007-09-11

Lee, is R8.0.0/Win really using IE for rendering html mails? I see no right click context menue options which have any similiarities with IE. IE seems to be used only as embedded web browser (without stable support for searching via ctrl-f ;-)

Peter Meuser, 2007-09-11

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