So this is the new Treo

by Volker Weber

treo 500v

Yesterday Palm announced that Vodafone will be carrying the new Tre0 500v exclusively until the end of the year when it becomes available to other carriers as well. It's a Windows Mobile 6 Standard device, which means it competes with the Samsung i600 (or the Samsung Blackjack).

I like WM Standard, which does not have touchscreen support and is therefore optimized for one hand operation. There are however a lot of somewhat successful devices in this space and I don't see any particular advantage for Palm. Especially since the 500v neither supports HSDPA nor Wi-Fi.

Recently I said that I don't expect Palm to release another Garnet device before coming out with their new mobile platform. But I have been told that there will be a similar device to the 500v based on Garnet (Palm OS 5.x).


Too little, too late, surely?

John Ash, 2007-09-13

Why bother? :-(

Stuart McIntyre, 2007-09-13

Is anybody really surprised why Palm is doing as badly as they are?

I remember the days when the first Palm device was released, back in those days Palm were innovators. Now they are 'just' another vendor that offers Windows Mobile. Why bother indeed!


P.S.: even the once slick hardware design is now far from appealing...

Michael Weitzel, 2007-09-13

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