Judy wants your help

by Volker Weber


This is Judy speaking at an Alliance for Lupus Research event. Regular readers of vowe.net have met Judy more than four years ago. The old story did not work out so well, but Judy and Thomas are still good friends. But that's not the point here.

Lupus is an autoimmune disease, I never heard of before. Judy writes:

I've recently taken a (hopefully only temporary) hiatus from working full time due to this disease, but rather than just sitting around and giving up, I've decided to become very active within the Lupus community, especially within the Alliance for Lupus Research, to raise money for research and development of new drugs. Lupus is just like breast cancer as it mostly affects women. However, Lupus is misunderstood all around the globe, does not have any new drugs in 40+ years, and there is limited scientific research going on worldwide.

There is a lack of fundamental venture capital scientific approaches to sharing information which could possibly help prevent, treat and cure Lupus. The ALR is one organization that's not in it for the money, but to help those with Lupus or those that might get it in the future. 100% of all donations go to research, all overhead expenses are covered internally, since the founder of this organization is wealthy and has friends on the board that pay for all expenses world wide as someone in the Founders own family has this illness.

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Seal may be one of the most prominent affected persons. (Suprisingly this is not mentioned in the english wikipedia, even though it is in charge of his remarkable face.)

Marc Petermax, 2007-09-13

Michael Jackson
Mary McDonough ("Erin" in "The Waltons")
Anna Nicole Smith may have had Lupus

Thomas Gumz, 2007-09-13

So Michael really is a girl. He looked more and more like one. :-) No, Seal does not.

Volker Weber, 2007-09-13

> No, Seal does not.
Steht aber in der dt. Wikipedia (ok, soll nichts heißen). Eingefallen ist es mir aber, weil ich es mindestens in dem Galore-Interview mit ihm gelesen hatte, wenn ich mich richtig erinnere.

Marc Petermax, 2007-09-13

No, Seal does not [look like a girl]. ;-)

Volker Weber, 2007-09-13

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