iTunes 7.4.2 continues the dishonesty tradition

by Volker Weber

itunes 7.4.2

iTunes 7.4.2 addresses an issue with creating ringtones using iTunes Plus song purchases and includes bug fixes to improve stability and performance.

Where "bug fixes" means "closes the loopholes that allow you to create ringtones for free from the music you already own." Yet another hack is enroute.


And "the beat goes on"..

Pieter Lansbergen, 2007-09-19

Actually, I think that is a bit harsh. Cynical rather than dishonest, perhaps?

The "addresses an issue" probably refers to closing the ringtone loopholes - which from Apple's point of view is true enough, it was an issue. And who knows what bugs were fixed, since Apple rarely gives any details on specific bug fixes.

John Keys, 2007-09-19

Yes, I'm a Apple fan.

When I first saw the iPhone I couldn't wait to get my hands on it. Thank good Apple didn't do a worldwide launch!

Today I must admit I'll probably skip the first iPhone generation. I don't like how Apple treats their iPhone custumers. Do they really thinke they'll find so much idiots!

"built in rechargeable battery, need to pay for ringtones, no mms, no sms to a list of recipients, no memory card slots..."

Nokia for instance and many competitors out there do a much better job.

Hey Apple! Time to imitate - not innovate.

Andreas Decker, 2007-09-19

I've always just liked "ring ring" - and I'm not talking about the version written by Neil Sedaka.

Ben Rose, 2007-09-19

Apple has done some other things with the new iPod Classic, it has crippled the video out (basically you can use it only with Apple hardware). The reason for this is apparently that Apple had to many complaints about the iPod showing a black screen instead of showing a video after the user had used the iPod with an external screen and forgotten to reset the video output to the internal screen. I've written some more about this on my blog (german language,

My take: is it really so hard to display a short note on the internal screen "Playing video using tv out" before switching the screen off?

Dirk Steins, 2007-09-19

Andreas, that must be, why Nokia has replaced the micro-SD Slot in the new N95-8GB with internal (not changeable) 8GB Memory.

As user of the old N95 I can totally understand that. Once you change the memory card, you also lose the cache for the gps application or any applications you have installed on the card. (The included card with 512MB is a joke and you can only upgrade to 2GB cards.)

Also I never ever changed the battery in any phone I had until now.
But with the N95 and its lousy battery time, this may change.

As for the pay-only ringtones. I'm not interested in converting a song to a ringtone. For me a phone should ring like a phone.
Since the rest of the industry is also keen on selling ringtones, I won't blame Apple for trying the same.

But it's a shame you cannot put your own soundsamples on the phone without hacking.
Same goes for 3rd party software.
I'd consider this the real shortcomings. (Obviously they are no showstoppers, however)

I cannot assess mms since I do not use it. How many of you would like such a feature?

Martin Uhl, 2007-09-19

All of this revolves around the custom-ringtone-for-iPhones issue.

If you're stupid enough to buy custom ringtones for an iPhone via iTunes, then you deserve all you get: Apple should be free to scalp you for all they're worth.

Like others have said already: "ring ring" is perfectly acceptable as a ring tone on a mobile phone...

Ben Poole, 2007-09-19

Martin Uhl: The N95 works also with MicroSD SDHC-Cards. I use a 4 GB Sandisk in the N95 without Problems. However, i only take it out to transfer videos because at least on the ibook g4 USB 2.0-connection via the phone is somewhat slower (maybe also the fault of nokia, i do now know).

Christian Just, 2007-09-19

Chrisitan: It does say up to 2 GB on Nokias own site.

at least on the german version of the site.

Did you do a firmware update?

mine is: (*#0000#)

Martin Uhl, 2007-09-20

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