It's "Make your own caption" time

by Volker Weber



Our delivery service reaches you everywhere...uhm...almost everywhere

Alper Iseri, 2007-09-19

Stopped for a picnic.

Jan-Piet Mens, 2007-09-19

That pizza that I ordered is taking a long time to arrive...

Andy Rose, 2007-09-19

Shit, I can't find the hole in the back tire. Wait, I 've got it. Please pass me the 15'' wrench.

Matthias König, 2007-09-19

Wild Bill's latest motorcycle adventure gets off to a bad start...

Thomas "Duffbert" Duff, 2007-09-19

Bill - you need to lose weight - the motorway can't take it!

Paul Mooney, 2007-09-19

.... If Microsoft designed roads , all roads would be like this . . . . Which part of "Road Closed" did you not understand . . . . and since everyone else is picking on Bill - Bill realizes that putting his bike on the mini's roofrack was a bad idea . . .

JOhn MIll, 2007-09-19

Mr. Fossett? Are you here?

Jan Fuellemann, 2007-09-19

valentino rossi & ryanair it just doesn't fly

Martijn Mulder, 2007-09-19

Sind wir bald da?

Maik Endler, 2007-09-19

Sjaak Lucassen on his way around the world.
Great YouTube Video

Andy Pugh, 2007-09-19

U2 -- Stuck in a Moment

"Now you're stuck in a moment
And you can't get out of it"

Jean Pierre Wenzel, 2007-09-20

With a R1? WOW!!
I think BMW will be a little bit annoyed because no GS driver had done it before (this distance - not arround the world) and this with a R1 !!!! :D

Marcel Tietze, 2007-09-20


Hier iss ja gar nicht die Nordschleife....

Eric Bredtmann, 2007-09-20

"The new iPed!"

Kristof Doffing, 2007-09-20

"For Carlos in Venezuela, the journey to get an iPhone from an Apple store was going to be a long one..."

Jon Tilney, 2007-09-20

I've often been up a certain creek without a paddle, but never without a boat.

Andy Rose, 2007-09-21

As usual JVS forgets to load his TomTom with the correct maps

Chris Coates, 2007-09-21

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