Can I get some trumpet ...

by Volker Weber


[via Michael Preidel]


Thank you

Kevin Pettitt, 2007-09-23

Very cool.

Stefan Tilkov, 2007-09-23

FWIW, the guy is also an incredible guitarist

Some people have too much talent... :)

Matt Buchanan, 2007-09-23

No trumpet, but check out this. Amy's voice is also infuckingcredible. I'm not into her tattoos, though :D But boy, can she sing.

Thomas Cloer, 2007-09-23

and the East German Coast was weak... .Unbelievable

Christoph Dettmann, 2007-09-23

Well, I'm playing the Trumpet since 19 years, but it doesn't sound this way. Very cool!

Thomas Lang, 2007-09-23

If you're amazed by that performance you should definately check out/search for
his appearence at the Jazz Baltica 2006 with Nils Landgren. They do a wonderful
version of 'If You Really Want' together, resulting in a impro-battle between Nils'
trombone and Rauls lips! Absolutely unbelievable!
But I couldn't find it on Youtube, saw it on 3sat, I think.

Greets, Philipp

Philipp Neata, 2007-09-24

Yeah India Arie is on my playlist top 5

Lars Berntrop-Bos, 2007-10-15

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