Oktoberfest: a quick walk through the Augustiner tent

by Volker Weber

Just to give you an impression how huge these tents are.


The Oktoberfest is great, I am heading over tomorrow. Second year for me and it definitely won't be my last visit.

Jack Taylor, 2007-09-26

Ohh, the Augustiner tent. I'll be there today at 5pm :)
With the company.

Marcel Tietze, 2007-09-26

I went to the Oktoberfest in 1992. I was a little wary - given that I'm English - to enter any one of a number of tents that seemed to hold such vast numbers of people......drinking.

As a nation, we do not mix well with alcohol, especially abroad.

I was amazed at the cordial atmosphere in the tent I went into. Dominated by Germans (not too surprising, I guess) it was friendly, loud and not at all threatening, exactly the opposite of what I was expecting. It appeared as if it was a family event, which flabbergasted me!

Later I looked around some of the other tents (well, Olympic sized temporary structures involving poles and fabirc, in reality) and came across one whose clientèle was dominated by English and Australian visitors. That one was more like I expected (and feared). People were drunk, rowdy and either threatening in their behaviour or passed out.

Sometimes I am ashamed to be a Brit.

John Ash, 2007-09-26

John, you made my day: "As a nation, we do not mix well with alcohol, especially abroad." Hilarious... But you know, acknowledging a problem is a first step to a cure!

Ragnar Schierholz, 2007-09-26

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