Nokia E90 and TomTom GO 720 are not getting along

by Volker Weber

The TomTom GO 720 has quite a feature set which require a connection to the mobile phone. It is actually the main differentiator to the ONE series. The GO can serve as a car audio set, it can be used as the link for data connections to the internet, it will read incoming SMS messages or tell you who is calling.

All nice and dandy, but it does not play with my Nokia E90. I fiddle around with it, pairing it at least a dozen time with different settings, but even the simplest things like using the TomTom as an audio device do not work. Simply dialling a number will reboot the E90, that's how bad it is. Next thing to try is if Nokia has a software update.

nokia e90 7.24.03

Well, they don't. I guess, I am stuck.


have you heard of the problems related to many BT Car installations (Audi MMI, BMW, etc.) and the new s60 3rd. phones?

have a look here

after calling nokia, all i can say, is that they should find something quickly or they will start loosing (good) customers. n- and e-series aren't the cheapest phones - but they don't work in (for example) a brand new Audi A6 nor BMW.

as far as I know, the link is made via SyncML, but Nokia must have changed something in the latest phones (as your e90).

Maybe your TomTom has the same problem as many cars have ...

Samuel Orsenne, 2007-09-27

Uhm! Every good implementation works like a charme with my NSeries 80. For instance GooSync or iSync. Maybe the others vendors go badly wrong. Sorry, but how can you blame Nokia for that?

Roland Leißl, 2007-09-27

I don't want to blame Nokia, but I find it quite disturbing that you can accidentally reboot the E90 by sending it something over BT.

Volker Weber, 2007-09-27

Sorry to hear about your connection. Other than the BT, how has the GO 720 been treating you? I have a co-worker that has been using it and thought the GPS was great and has been really fun to use. I've been considering getting one myself. I don't think he was having any problems pairing it with his phone. Are you liking it too?

Scott Evans, 2007-09-27

Nokia has not even released a new firmware for the E65 since January when they brought the phone to market. The current software is far from being bug-free. Last week I emailed their support to ask if they have anything in the pipeline. It took them one week to answer that they don't know. CRM the Finnish way...

Thomas Cloer, 2007-09-27

Have you read this and that yet?

Thomas Langel, 2007-09-27

We have our own Nokia history here ;-( It seems all the Nokias can do is to phone - everthing else has to wait for 6 months for a firmware update to actually start working. Sometimes they change the sync parameters (and forget to tell even their own support people), sometimes they deliver a faulty bleutooth stack. I think this company has to stop issuing new phones like crazy and start working on the quality again....

Jan Fuellemann, 2007-09-27

Well have not had much gripe with my Nokia devices so far.
Lliving with them has been rather uneventful, sometimes a little sluggish, but generally pleasant.
However I'v come across a situation recently that really irks me (slightly off topic):

- There does not seem to be a way to get the Java Midlet Games preinstalled on the 6125 back, once you delete them.

I'v traded a couple of mails with Nokia's support drones, but they seem to answer only in subjunctive.
(Paraphrased German)'Maybe a Nokia Service Point can restore the game'
'A Software Update with PC Suite will restore the game, although there may be some limitations.' (Such as not restoring the game)

So in essence they are refusing me access to some of the phones software that I paid for.
(Yeah, I know, should not have deleted the stuff in the first place, but things happen when you give a phone to a kid that is faster in pressing buttons than in reading ;-) .)
What is the point in offering a delete function for some parts and no way to restore the deleted stuff?
Advantage Nokia? I think not. Anymore.

Martin Forisch, 2007-09-29

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