Apple updates software for iPod nano 3g and iPod classic

by Volker Weber

ipod nano coverflow

Apple has issued software version 1.0.2 for the 3rd generation iPod nano and the iPod classic. Suddenly Coverflow becomes usable on both devices. With the previous version you would find many duplicates of album art, because Coverflow was strictly sorted by artists. If you had any compilations in your library, you would find them multiple times, one for each artist. With 1.0.2 every album appears only once.


One thing I don't think too many people realize about the 3G Nano: It can actually fit very comfortably in one's wallet as it is smaller than a credit card.

Henry Ferlauto, 2007-10-08

I supose you don´t carry your wallet in your back pocket? I won´t dare sitting on my precious nano...

I prefer to carry mine in the 5th Jeanspocket, it fits nicely in there, too.

Dennis Wegner, 2007-10-08

Dennis, Wallets in your back pocket are never a good idea. It's the easiest pocket for pick pocketers.

Carl Tyler, 2007-10-10

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