Formula 1 Championship still open

by Volker Weber

After Hammilton dropped out of the Shanghai race, and Raikkönen and Alonso finished first and second, the championship is still open:

Lewis Hammilton 107
Fernando Alonso 103
Kimi Raikkönen  100

Brazil will be the showdown.


Most impressive, steering into the only patch of gravel on the whole circuit. But this is the sort of Karma you'll have to endure in order to grow. Let's see how the shiny man will face the pressure.

Frank-Leonardo Quednau, 2007-10-07

It's been great, finally an interesting F1 season!

Carl Tyler, 2007-10-08

It´s great, that the F-1 will be interessting till the last race. And the stories besides were also very funny this season (the spying affair Ferrari-McLaren, or the internal quarrel at McLaren)...

Volkmar Fritz, 2007-10-15

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