Automated Home: Sonos ZoneBridge 100

by Volker Weber

Automated has the skinny on a new Sonos device which does not play music, but extends your mesh network. The device is supposed to be called ZoneBridge BR100. A picture suggests that it has two Ethernet ports.

You may recall that Sonos runs its own wireless network, which is easy to setup as pushing two buttons. It does not connect to your Wi-Fi network, so you need to run (at least) one wire from your internet router/switch to one ZonePlayer. For many people this means that they have to place a ZonePlayer into a room where they do not want to listen to music, such as the home office for instance. The new device however would allow you to connect your Sonos network to the Internet without sacrificing one ZonePlayer.


I think AutomatedHome are having a few website issues!

Chris Lindley, 2007-10-09

I have looked at many Network Audio Players. Teac, Terratec, Logitech, etc...

Does anyone knows if you can setup one of this as a simple alarm clock? Like playing internet stream xyz at 8 o'clock in the morning???

Sebastian Grötsch, 2007-10-10

Btw. the price for the "Sonos Bundle 130" is 999€ and 999$ in US. That is about 710€. Anyone interested in ordering in US???

Sebastian Grötsch, 2007-10-10

I've enquired in the past about buying Sonos in the US, and they are adamant that warranties are not transferable under any circumstances... Not sure what the legal situation is on that, but it wasn't the friendly response I was hoping for...

Stuart McIntyre, 2007-10-10

Sebastian, according to the sonos FAQ it is possible to use the Sonos as alarm.
Link to FAQ

Odd Åge Skogheim, 2007-10-10

@Vowe - Looks to me like you may well be able to power the new soundbridge from PoE too, could be a tidy solution.

@Sebastian - You can set Sonos to play any local playlist, internet stream or Rhapsody from an alarm at your chosen time. You can choose what volume it wakes up and whether or not linked zones are included. It will also randomise the playlist if you wish.

@Stuart - Sonos have a return to base/reseller warranty. If you buy it from a US based reseller, you warranty is with them and it must be returned there in the event of a problem. This requires overseas shipping etc. Not entirely desirable. Sonos aren't legally obliged to support US purchases in the EU.

One this to note is that the US pricing excludes local taxes. If you add them on, then add on carriage, then subtotal, then add import duty on that, then subtotal, then add VAT @ 17.5% on the'll find the UK price is very competive. The break even cost is at around $1.80 to the ¢ but the US price still doesn't contain a warranty. Additionally, your credit card will add 2% to the overseas purchase.

There really isn't much in it and you'll get a much more satisfying experience and better aftersales support from a UK reseller.

If you want to buy Sonos in the UK, give me a shout and I'll find you the best price. I'm up to 8 zones now.

Ben Rose, 2007-10-10

Accourding to their homepage, the MediaMarkt in Egelsbach sells Sono products......

After receiving my tax refund and selling the iPhone, it will be time for a new gadget :)

Sebastian Grötsch, 2007-10-10

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