by Volker Weber



Didn't Nostradamus say something about 8888? ;-)

Congratulations Volker :D

Alper Iseri, 2007-10-17

I'm already looking forward to 17776. :-)

Jan-Piet Mens, 2007-10-17

Another 8888 days to go before you hire the next mover?

Wolfgang Schwerber, 2007-10-17

Was ist das wieder für ein Insider-Rätsel??

Thomas Cloer, 2007-10-17

@Thomas: Das ist die Fortlaufende Blogeintragnummer...

Lino Helms, 2007-10-17

... und ich dacht schon, es wäre ein Strickmuster :-)

Jens Jeschke, 2007-10-17

Wohl eher eine Sympathiebekundung mit den Protesten in Burma.

8888 Uprising

Markus Nolte, 2007-10-17

Wow… How on earth did you plan that?!?


Ben Poole, 2007-10-17

Yep, the same date last year. Is there an astrology-feature in your Blackberry?


Bjoern Haferkamp, 2007-10-17

BTW: I stumbled over your blog sometime around 4444, and I remember 5555 very well.

Bjoern Haferkamp, 2007-10-17

Der PIN-Code für den Bankautomat: "8888... Bargeld lacht". (c) by Bully

Thomas Langel, 2007-10-17

6666 ?
5555 ?
2222 ?

Erik Rosengren, 2007-10-17

With 6 digits in the URL you seem to be ready for the coming... 800 years... wow!

Marius Neumann, 2007-10-17

Ah You guys bought the new dux bed?

Marco Foellmer, 2007-10-20

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