Sonos 2.5 with Napster support

by Volker Weber

Sonos releases version 2.5 of their software today. Biggest news is Napster support for Germany and the UK. For 10 Eur a month you now have access to 5 million tracks on Napster. There is a 31 day trial for existing and new customers attached. You don't even need to register with Napster — it works out of the box.


In related news Sonos announces the 99 Euro ZoneBridge which extends the Sonos WLAN to fill gaps in the mesh or to connect the Sonos network to your Internet router if the first ZonePlayer is nowhere near a router.

Sonos 2.5 now also supports share level security (not that you should ever use that) on Windows Home Server and the Netgear ReadyNAS as well as drives connected to the Apple Airport Extreme.


Don't forget all the new search functions, which are a dream come true!

Ben Rose, 2007-10-23

I'm reading your news since months, but never wrote a comment yet.
I have to say that it's an excellent site and very rewarding to read.

Your informative review from quite a while ago was one of the reasons for which I've finally bought a Sonos bundle, with which I am more than pleased.

It's a little embarassing for Sonos though that you are always faster in bringing good Sonos news than their newsletter. ;-) Thanks for the news!

Thore Bosk, 2007-10-23

In all fairness, the information was originally embargoed until 15:30 CET. I knew it well before I would have been able to publish. Then I found out that Sonos had updated their website, asked for permission to break the news. After I got the OK, I wrote a story for and then published here.

Volker Weber, 2007-10-23

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