Sonos gets a decent search

by Volker Weber

sonos 2.5

One of the things I have not mentioned in yesterday's post about Sonos 2.5 is that the new software finally has a decent search across the music library and music services.


You definitely searched for the right artist :)

I should call MediaMarkt Egelsbach and see if they have it on stock. According to, they sell their products.
Btw. sonos is having interesting vacancies :)

Sebastian Grötsch, 2007-10-24

But unfortunately, it also searches for artists names.

And on a side note, high WAF here as well. I bought it as a toy for myself, now we are in desperate need for a second controller....

Ole Saalmann, 2007-11-21

Look again:

The Mac is a good controller as well. :-)

Volker Weber, 2007-11-21

Thanks, now I just need the "global search" option. Time to check the sonos forum and post a feature request.

Ole Saalmann, 2007-11-21

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