RIM releases Facebook application for BlackBerry

by Volker Weber

Research In Motion (RIM) (NASDAQ:RIMM)(TSX:RIM) today launched Facebook(R) for BlackBerry(R) Smartphones, an exciting new BlackBerry software application that enables fast, streamlined and optimized mobile access to the popular Facebook social utility using a BlackBerry smartphone. The application leverages the push-based BlackBerry system architecture and Facebook Platform to create an unparalleled mobile experience for Facebook users.

Download here >


Mmmm, sounds great.

However, the download page appears to mandate IE (it downloads an ActiveX control on IE and just hangs in Flock), then when you do kick off the process it checks that you have the Blackberry USB driver installed (I guess this is part of the Blackberry Desktop software). Therefore you must do the download on the machine you use to sync with the Blackberry.

Surely this should be a "point your Blackberry device at this URL, and click download" a la Google Maps etc?

It's almost as though RIM have been taking lessons from IBM...

Stuart McIntyre, 2007-10-25

Surely this should be a "point your Blackberry device at this URL, and click download" a la Google Maps etc?

I'd suggest you just try that.

Volker Weber, 2007-10-25

I tried the OTA download - Keeps giving me an error 907 - COD file invalid. Maybe this is because I am currently roaming, but if anyone has an idea let me know.

I also noticed theres a new Google Talk 2.0 for Blackberry out. Cant download this either due to the same error.

Andy Mell, 2007-10-25

Just installed it from my Blackberry Pearl - and it works a treat. Interface is pretty good too. Facebook is becoming more and more a part of my everyday "must visit" sites

Paul Mooney, 2007-10-25

Any ideas whether this uses the Blackberry's own data connection or whether it uses standard GPRS? In other words whether the costs will be covered in a flat rate Blackberry tariff or whether we will have to pay for data?

Stuart McIntyre, 2007-10-25

Very nice - Facebook was working OK for accepting friend requests thru a browser on BB, but this is much nicer.

Rob Novak, 2007-10-25

Follow up to my own comment: I got it installed, the error seems to go away if you remove the battery from the blackberry and restart the OS. Its a bug in 4.2 from what I can gather.

Andy Mell, 2007-10-25

Installed FaceBook from RIM and it went like a treat...absolutely great...loving it.!

Joe Djamasi, 2007-10-25

Wenn ich OTA den Download starte bekomme ich auf meinem 8700g:
"Facebook wird von IHrem Gerät derzeit nicht unterstützt." ?

Auf welchen Blackberrys läuft Facebook?

Ray Guilliard, 2007-10-27

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