Same goes for my Ex wife

by Volker Weber

Don’t over pay and you will be fine on a resale, that’s the key to any stepping stone aircraft. Buy it and fly it, don’t spend any money on it (other than gauges). If my old 172 A wasn’t so ugly I may have flown her a couple of more years…same goes for my Ex wife . The only money I lost in the 172 A was a bunch of unneeded upgrades that I spent on her, same goes for my Ex wife….. But I still like that old 172 A…and same goes for my Ex wife.

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[Thanks, Hajo]


A Cessna 172A is a 'stepping stone aircraft'? In my dreams.

Some people get paid too much.....

Nick Daisley, 2007-10-26

Sorry... I was in a bad mood this morning. But a nice little Cessna would be quite sufficient for me....

Nick Daisley, 2007-10-27

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