New poll: when are you going to install Mac OS X Leopard

by Volker Weber

I am aware that a large number of readers do not have a good answer for this poll. Still I would be interested how fast Mac users will be upgrading to Leopard:

The results:

when leopard


I'm up and running :D So one option is missing: Dunnit already!

Thomas Cloer, 2007-10-26

I am going to wait and see what happens for the next little while. Although my 1.33 GHz iBook G4 meets the minimum requirements for Leopard, it is at the bottom end of the spectrum and it seems reasonable to expect it did not figure highly in Apple's test cases.

If anyone with a similar machine has upgraded to Leopard, I would be interested in hearing about your experiences.


Ken Porter, 2007-10-27

Installed on 3 machines without any problems. Everything seems to work perfectly

Jens-Christian Fischer, 2007-10-27

Installed Leopard on 2 machines (one 2xG4 1G and MBP 17"). Both times experienced the BSOD effect. Installations should be done chosing the install&archive-option. Still wondering if I should try to install on my external 800MB-FW disk, which is crucial for me.

My crude old RAID disk controller in the G4 are not recognized any more. To recover this information (not crucial) I will have to indulge in some technical magic (putting controller and HDs in another G4 still running on 10.4 and backing it up into some other HD).

This version is gold beta but looks very nice.

Armin Roth, 2007-10-27

I´m already playing with my leopard... It´s delicious!

Marius Meyer, 2007-10-28

Since I had Leopard up and running at 09.00 PM on Friday, you should add "Already Installed" to your poll :-)


Mark Ehmann, 2007-10-28

Well, and for me please add "When it comes with the X-Mas Mac" to the poll, and I shall happily click on it.

Andreas Schödl, 2007-10-28

10.5.2 at least.

Helmar Steinberg, 2007-10-28

I want to buy a Mac mini asap and leave Panther (10.3) on my G4 (512MB) Powerbook.

Philipp Sury, 2007-10-29

Where is the "I can't afford it" option???

Colin Williams, 2007-10-30

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