Flock 1.0 released

by Volker Weber

Flock 1.0 released

Flock 1.0 has been released, and most surprisingly it is very good. Flock is based on Firefox and adds a number of "Web 2.0" features. It integrates very well with sites I use daily: Flickr, Facebook, Twitter, my own blog.

I suggest you give this a try.

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As a long-time Flocker I'm really chuffed it has finally made it out of beta and hopefully will start to make in roads into the browser user share stats - it would be good if more developers wrote plug ins for it. (Twitter seems full of folks having issues with FF2.0.0.9 today - a strange coincidence!)

What's also interesting to me, is how developers are using the widescreen laptop displays and LCD screens to offer the peripheral vision of streams like RSS feeds and Twitter/Facebook/Jaiku updates, in much the same way as IBM have with the Sametime/Quickr/Activities plug-ins in the Notes8 side bar. It really does aid productivity, at least in my working style...

Stuart McIntyre, 2007-11-02

Wo kann man den Browser downloaden? Auf der Webseite von Flocker kommt eine Fehlermeldung bei mir.

Dirk Müller, 2007-11-02

I used Flock long ago and took it off when they were not adding communities fast enough. I might take a look at 1.0 and see where they ended

Chris Miller, 2007-11-02

@Dirk: Der Download-Button auf der Seite benötigt das urchinTracker-Javascript von Google Analytics. Wenn das per Adblock blockiert wird, passiert genau nichts bei Klick auf den Button.

Oliver Regelmann, 2007-11-03

@Oliver: Danke für den Tipp.

Dirk Müller, 2007-11-03

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