Updated firmware improves Nokia E90

by Volker Weber


While looking for access point group support on the E90 I came across a new firmware. Changelog here. Most significant change for me:

  • Nokia A-GPS service is global assistance data service for Nokia terminals.It provides assistance data in all countries, so it works world-wide Service utilizes GPRS data connection and OMA Secure User Plan Location (SUPL) protocol for transferring assistance data from assistance data service to terminal. WLAN is currently not supported
  • End-user does not need to configure this service. It is immediately available out-of-the-box
  • Service works always when GPRS data connection is available. Also during roaming
  • Nokia A-GPS service does not depend on operator services. It just requires GPRS data connection. If assistance data cannot be fetched, then terminal works as plain standalone GPS
  • Nokia A-GPS service improves time to first fix in cold-start situations where GPS receiver has been in power off state when location application is engaged
  • Time to first fix is reduced from 40 seconds-2 minutes to 15-30 seconds range greatly improving end-user experience
  • Faster position calculation with A-GPS reduces power consumption

Indeed, the E90 now acquires a GPS fix in seconds. This is a huge change from the sloppy performance it has shown before.

In related news, Google Maps Mobile is now available for the E90 with native GPS support. If you have version 1.70.2 you are up-to-date. Be careful though. GMM is very data hungry. Make sure your service contract allows you to downloads megabytes in minutes without blowing your traffic budget.

Upgrading the phone with an updated firmware would have made me less nervous if Windows had not threatened to reboot (which it did after I finished):


Windows deems itself much more important than any task you are currently trying to complete. Unsaved documents? Bah!

Nokia software updates available here >


Still waiting for mine, ordered 14. august :-(

Vince Schuurman, 2007-11-03

It's a pitty there is no update for the camera. The shutter is really a problem, it takes ages to take a photo. Two in three times you have to start again. Othewise, great phone. LD

Ludwig Deruyck, 2007-11-03

Any of you guys thought of an iPhone or the 8gb N95? Sure they are both quite different compared to themselves and the E90, but I am looking for a good phone with Mac support now for quite a while and I really cant decide.
Its annoying.

Teymur Madjderey, 2007-11-05

Ehm... never thought about upgrading until now, so... how do I upgrade my E90 with no Windoze box near me? :->

Alexander Koch, 2007-11-05

Nokia Service Center can do upgrades as well.

Christian Just, 2007-11-05

I think I would have been just as happy if they hadn't included the camera, it so doesn't need one really.

Ben Rose, 2007-11-06

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