Nice: One of the little Flock helpers

by Volker Weber

add search engine


This service has been hidden in FireFox 2.x since quite some time.

The only difference is that you must first select the search window in order to get a notification.

Pieter Lansbergen, 2007-11-04

There are some more nice things in Flock that I really appreciate. The sidebar collecting stuff from various social networks (and other Web2.0-ish sites) is really a time-saver. But the supported list of networks/sites should be extended. LinkedIn, XING, etc. are left out as of now.

BTW: Does anybody know whether the guys of Flock are somewhat linked to Yahoo!? The Flock start page shows the Yahoo! search, by default installation the Yahoo! is the default search engine (this is not inherited from a previous Firefox installation!) and except for YouTube none of the Google services are available (e.g. Panoramio, GMail). Just asking...

Ragnar Schierholz, 2007-11-05

@Ragnar - yes they have some kind of revenue sharing model with some partners of which one of the first and most important has been Yahoo. It's an interesting business model but I am not sure if this will ultimately work with the users. Such partners will want a prominent place and some users won't like that. Although I have used Flock occasionaly for more than a year, I am not sure I like that "feature".

And despite my openness to projects like Flock I still not sure if there is enough room for such a Firefox-sibling. Isn't it possible to for Firefox add-on developers to offer the same functionalities?

Moritz Schroeder, 2007-11-05

Thanks for the posts about Flock, folks!

@Ragnar: Just to clarify: it is coincidental that we have very few Google services integrated, it doesn't have anything to do with our Yahoo! partnership. Google services (and many others) are very likely to be integrated in the future. Our partnership with Yahoo! is very similar to the partnership between Firefox/Mozilla and Google.

@Moritz: While I'd argue that there aren't any extensions quite as together as our People sidebar, you are correct that in theory extensions could create similar functionality. However, the point of Flock as a browser and not extensions is twofold:

1-Very few people (from what I've heard, around 5% of Firefox users) every install an extension
2-Flock integrates all of our features. You can send articles from the Feed Reader directly to the Blog Editor, you can drag and drop photos and videos from the Mediabar directly to friends in the People sidebar to share, etc. Not to mention helpful paths like the screenshot at the start of this post. Extensions can't pull all that together. :)

I hope you all will keep enjoying Flock!

Flock on,

Evan Hamilton
Flock Community Ambassador
evan at flock dot com

Evan Hamilton, 2007-11-13

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