by Volker Weber


Nur als Nachhilfe für angehende Pressereferenten: Was ist bei dieser Pressemitteilung alles schief gegangen?


You don't work on staturday?

Joachim Haydecker, 2007-11-03

You expect a personal salutation from two attachments onwards?

Mariano Kamp, 2007-11-03

Es ist etwas schwierig zu erkennen, worum es hier eigentlich geht? Absender

Joerg Michael, 2007-11-04

T-Online Absender, sinnloser Betreff, mehrere Empfänger, keine Anrede, Anhang anstatt Text, Dateiformat das ich nicht öffnen kann.

Timo Stamm, 2007-11-04

That's easy:
1. There is no info/hint in the subject line about the content of the press announcement.
2.There is no "personal" text, just an attached doc file. Who would bother opening a doc file from any t-online address if they don't know anything about the sender or the content? Why would they bother if there is no explanation whatsoever? Oh, wait, right, it's a press announcement, let's open it! yay!
3. ...
there's more, right? But I'm too tired now...

Daniel Haferkorn, 2007-11-04

1. the subject line is completely meaningless
2. there is an attachment. The text should be written right into the message body, without any formating like carriage returns or bold text or fancy corporate identity fonts (they probably don't work at the recipient site anyway)
3. there is no salutation
4. there is no contact details
5. while I would assume that it is okay to send from an t-online address, kontakt [at] heise is certainly the wrong address to send a pr to. If it was aimed on specific publication it should be addressed to the email the redaction team wants to use for the pr purpose like presse [at] - If it is aimed at more then one publication from the same publisher it should be addressed to every redaction in question.

Gregory Engels, 2007-11-04

um es kurz sagen: wer in so einem Mail das Attachment öffnet und sich dann ein Trojaner/Virus/etc. einfängt der ist selbst Schuld.

Roland Dressler, 2007-11-05

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