Google Mail with Nokia E61i

by Volker Weber

Nokia E90 and E61i

I found something that the E61i can do better than the E90.

My E90 runs with Mail for Exchange (MfE) against a hosted Exchange account. Which works very very well, but has a few downsides. One of them is that you cannot mark a bunch of mails as read in one sweep.

Now that Google is providing IMAP support for all accounts, I migrated the E61i from MfE to a standard IMAP account. I could do the same for the E90, but it does not have the same benefit as the E61i: a regular IMAP account on the E61i supports access point groups. Here is the setup:

  1. Create "access points" for all your WLANs: work, home, public access points, and finally the mobile AP.
  2. Create an "access point group" listing all access points with your mobile AP as the lowest priority one.
  3. Create an IMAP account for Google and let it connect via your newly created access point group.
  4. Open Messages, open your IMAP account, hit Options/Connect

Bingo. Instant emails via WiFi, and via the phone carrier if you are not in proximity of your WiFi networks.

This only works with the E61i, since the E90 does not support access point groups, neither does MfE.


And I can confirm it also works it's predecessor the E61.

Vitor Pereira, 2007-11-05

... and it works on the E65 as well.

Stefan Domanske, 2007-11-05

oh thanks for that good tip :) I just got an E61i today (I love the E90 but it's not the big love with my jean's pockets) and had GMAil set up in IMAP..

It's also in IMAP on my iPhone and on my E51 + E90 :D

Gonzague Dambricourt, 2007-11-06

Maybe something for the E90i?

I've still not got around to ordering my E90 as they were out of stock on initial launch.

How long does it take for an i model to come along?

Ben Rose, 2007-11-06

It's weird, Nokia removed the access point group support in several new models.
There are lots of people complaining about it.
While searching for an answer I found this software that can help with the missing support in the E90.

Vitor Pereira, 2007-11-06

What a pity that Nokia Intellisync doesn't support access point groups :(

Laurent Mellinger, 2007-11-06

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