Apple: new TV ads

by Volker Weber

Apple has a few new Get a Mac TV ads. PR Lady is my favorite. Yup, this is how it works. ;-)

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Genius is not bad either: how muich do I love amac on a scale of 1-10? - 11.


Chris Frei, 2007-11-13

Those ads are so true. I have yet to come across anyone I know (friend, co-worker, customer, etc.) that has anything positive to say about Vista.

And as someone who uses it everyday, I can attest to some of the amazing lack of quality control; especially in the areas of power management, video display configuration and network connectivity. Otherwise known as the basics.

Henry Ferlauto, 2007-11-13

Actually, he says:

How much do I loathe Mac?

Like in

Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas....

Apart from that, I really like the "Podium" ad:

If your printer isnt compatible with Vista, I say: buy a new one!


Bela Schramm, 2007-11-13

I suffered through 9 IE crashes to view those 4 videos. But to be fair: the problem was solved after upgrading the quicktime plugin.

Jan Van Puyvelde, 2007-11-13

Genius was wonderful, or Security, or Accident even.
Never cared so saw those the first time. Thanks. :)

Alexander Koch, 2007-11-16

Another Apple ad

Andreas Schmidt, 2007-11-18

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