ReadyNAS RAIDiator 4.00c1-p1 available

by Volker Weber

raidiator 4

NETGEAR is pleased to release the latest major RAIDiator 4 firmware update to the ReadyNAS network attached storage product line. The latest firmware will work with all preceding ReadyNAS products and can be updated easily from the FrontView System/Update/Remote tab. If you prefer, you can choose to do a local update by first downloading the new image here: RAIDiator-4.00c1-p1

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[Thanks, Karsten]


I got myself one of these a few months back, both prompted by your posts, and also I got a little fed up of using Linux software raid and a bunch of 'bought from ebay' SCSI drives. I've been using the beta firmwares for a while now as I really needed ssh support for some site to site (well home office to home office) backups I needed. It was pretty stable. Good to see that it's properly out now.

The firmware updates are so easy with this unit. A lot of manufacturers (inc. the new owner now) could do to take a leaf out of Infrant's book for this.

(BTW enabling ssh user access is fairly easy, but does take a little bit of hacking).


Chris Lindley, 2007-11-22

Ordered my second unit today :-)

Frank Dröge, 2007-11-22

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