by Volker Weber



Stefan Tilkov, 2007-11-23


Andrew Pollack, 2007-11-23

They may be discussing the subprime situation but their delivery is anything but prime. Primo!

Slawek Rogulski, 2007-11-23

Now everybody should've got the point. Well done! And ... lmao...

Frank Dröge, 2007-11-23

The ingenuity of the markets, right.

Haiko Hebig, 2007-11-23

A highly amusing clip, worryingly true and accurate though. Fantastic!

Paul Raper, 2007-11-26

Wer auch immer die "Finanzkrise" verursacht hat (those smart and sophisticated people?), bezahlen darf's wie stets und immer die Allgemeinheit. Wobei natürlich die Mittel des "Konjunkturprogrammes" sicherlich ganz gezielt in die richtigen Kanäle gekippt werden.,1518,529373,00.html

Andreas Scherer, 2008-01-18

Und ausgerechnet den Saftladen (BS) mit den "good names" hat's zerrissen.

Andreas Scherer, 2008-03-18

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