iPhone Hi-Fi

by Volker Weber

iPhone Hi-Fi

I know this isn't working for TC but it's working for me. I even get a new menu item:

iPhone Hi-Fi


Cool! Ist eigentlich schon bekannt, wie sich das iPhone in Deutschland verkauft? Meine Tochter liebt die Besuche im "T-Punkt", aber von Hysterie habe ich hier - in der Rostocker Provinz - noch nichts gemerkt.

Martin Kautz, 2007-11-24

Keine Ahnung. Habe noch keinen getroffen*, der eins hat. Aber jeder, dem ich das Ding in die Hand gebe, will eins. Bei vielen scheitert es am Geld.

*) Im Sinne von: jemanden, den ich nicht kenne.

Volker Weber, 2007-11-24

Speaking (again) about the iPhone, how does you compare it with the E90? Which one do you use mostly (and when or why) ?

Ludwig Deruyck, 2007-11-25

That is a question I am interested in its answer too... very much!

Teymur Madjderey, 2007-11-25

Two very different animals.

I am currently using the iPhone (and a BlackBerry 8120) instead of the E90. I can only use the iPhone for a limited time, that is why I am preferring it.

What am I missing on the iPhone?

A decent keyboard. I am getting better with the iPhone, but I am not getting close to the E90, E61i, BB 8820, and not even the BB 8120. The trick is: you have to hold the phone in one hand, and type with the index finger of the other hand. One finger only.

Cannot install software. I'd love to have instant messaging or Widsets. No dice.

What will I be missing on the E90?

Ease of use. Ease of use. Ease of use.

Volker Weber, 2007-11-25

Habe gestern mal versucht mein iPhone ans Mischpult iDJ von Nurmark
anzuschliessen. Meldung: "Dieses Zubehör ist nicht für das iPhone
Machte aber nix.
Aufm Ipod geht eh mehr drauf.
Aber das iPhone is trotzdem geil.
Kann es jedem nur empfehlen.
Und mit dem mittleren Tarif spare ich sogar mehr als vorher....

Tommy Igiel, 2007-11-25

Thx Volker...

My p990i is dying on me and I just cant decide on a phone...

Additional Software for the iPhone is on its way basically... And for typing I find the two thumb way the best with the iPhone but still no idea, if I really need all the stuff the E90 has to offer or if I need all the playfulness of the iPhone...

hmm ah well.

Have a good one!

Teymur Madjderey, 2007-11-25

Vielleicht ist Dein Hi-Fi neuer als meiner? Ich kriege weiter die gezeigte Fehlermeldung und auch keinen neuen Menüpunkt...

Thomas Cloer, 2007-11-25

If you were happy with the p990i then you really should look at the p1i. It will be an easy switch for you and it has so much more.

Carlos Rodrigues, 2007-11-26


:-) that is the biggest Problem... honestly I hate my p990 by now. IT was the worst out of the series... or maybe I was just unucky. I looked at the p1i, looks neat, but the only other phone right now besides the e90 and the iPhone could be the n95 8gb.

Probably the p1i will be the best choice and now I'll mess it up :-)

Teymur Madjderey, 2007-11-26

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