How to get the new Lotus videos

by Volker Weber

Who says Lotus forgot to do catchy videos? They still can. I grabbed them from the IBM site as .flv, recoded to H.264. Now they play nicely on the iPhone.

No need to grab them in reduced quality off of YouTube. Here are the direct links to the flash files:

Whether they work is a different matter - you can also clear your desktop by removing software that IBM does not want to have removed. I think they are pretty funny and have viral potential.


Wow.. are those really IBM videos? Good for them for thinking outside the box.

Tony S Lee, 2007-11-29

I have to say that I find the motorcycle one a bit disturbing, possibly because not long ago I was witness to a rather similar motorbike accident (though not involving a table). Who thought that one up??

Nick Daisley, 2007-11-29

An IBM ad that offended someone? Shocking.

Keep going!

Craig Wiseman, 2007-12-01

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