Netgear reveals ReadyNAS Duo

by Volker Weber

readynas duo

During a meeting four months ago Netgear was hinting at new devices coming up in the ReadyNAS line. Less spindles, less noise. Now they are introducing the ReadyNAS Duo at CES in Las Vegas. Certainly fewer drives (two instead of four), and hopefully less noise. I reserve judgment until I have seen one.


I’m currently pondering the purchase of a ReadyNAS unit. I like the idea of having expandability (e.g. buying a 4-bay unit with two drives in it), so I suppose this device wouldn’t really fit with that.

A basic two-drive NAS seems like a good idea for the consumer market though.

Ben Poole, 2008-01-07

I agree with you on the expandability. However, the RND4xxx are quite noisy (like a 2000 PC). My hope is that the two spindle device requires less cooling. If you can lock your NAS away somewhere remote that is not an issue though.

Volker Weber, 2008-01-07

Thanks vowe—noise isn’t an issue in my household as you know… :-D

Ben Poole, 2008-01-07

If noise is an issue, you should look at the products from Synology.
I'm using the DS207+ (2 disks) which is very silent, performs good and has also an hybernation mode for power saving.

Thomas Lang, 2008-01-07

$499 for the RND2150 with 1 x 500G drive. Other models are RND2175 for 1x750G and RND2110 for 1x1TB with corresponding price points. Release in March.

If it gets good reviews and Apple don't bring anything else out in the meantime then I'll get one. Airport Extreme doesn't count because its useless for disk sharing.

Andy Mell, 2008-01-08

Hi Ben,

you can also start with the ReadyNAS Duo and later extend the same drives into a RND4xxx. Just thinking ...

And yes - it's definitely less less noisy than the big one. Although they went to a smaller fan. One of the engineers even stated that the drives were more noisy than the Duo.

Le's wait for the first reviews and see.

Karsten Kunert, 2008-01-11

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