New poll: how many mobile phones did you own?

by Volker Weber

Once in a while I meet somebody with a really old mobile phone, typically a Nokia 6310. My mother uses my old 6110, Ute's father my 6210. However, since mobile operators subsidize phones here, people tend to get a new phone every two years. Looking back at my track record, I think I bought three Ericssons, Motorolas, and Nokias each. And then I got into gadget reviewing, where I lost count. Do you still remember how many mobiles you owned?

The results:



I think I'm still on my fourth.

My first mobile phone, back in 1996 or 1997, was a Nokia 8110 - branded by Orange UK as the nk502.

I liked it a lot, apart from that little aerial sticking into me if I put it in my trouser pocket. (OUCH!)

I think I then moved on to the Nokia 6210, and then to the 6310i.

Now I'm on a 7610, which is nice but finally dying. I hope to replace it with an E90 soon, as I'm doing more with data and it'll be worthwhile.

I've tried various WM, Sony Ericsson and Motorola devices, but each of them seems to forget one crucial thing.
It's a phone.
Too often, WM is obsessed with being a mobile computer, Motorola with being a fashion accessory, and Sony Ericsson with being a walkman.

Which are fine niches, but not what I buy a phone for - so I keep coming back to Nokia so far. Hopefully the E90 will keep me happy too!

Philip Storry, 2008-01-11

hm. hard to count,... should be the order I owned them
Sony Ericsson really old, Nokia 5110,3210,6210,6310i, Siemens S55, S65, Sony K750i, Blackberry 8700, Nokia N80i, BlackBerry Curve 8310
Private: Motorola V3, Nokia 6300
(in 2004 I separated private and business phone)

Timo Zimmermann, 2008-01-11

My first one was a Panasonic soon followed by a Alcatel (can you say "dual band"?) and ever since I'm wearing out friends' old Ericssons, so that makes a headcount of six so far.

Philipp Sury, 2008-01-11

First was a no-name bag phone for the car, about 1992. Went with Sprint in 1996 and through about 8 of theirs in 11 years handing them down to employees or family as I went. Then got the BB and been on the 8700c since.

Rob Novak, 2008-01-11

I remember the first was a Ericsson GH198 (with the flipping antenna, anyone remember that?), followed by the GH337, GH668, Alcatel ?, Nokia 7110, Ericsson R380, and then a few Nokias the current one being the E61.

Vitor Pereira, 2008-01-11

Yes, I do. It was my second mobile after the Motorola 3200 International.

Volker Weber, 2008-01-11

I started out with the old E-Plus Nokia brick (PT-11?), then there was another Nokia (don't remember which one, might have been a 5110) and after that one for quite a long time until december '07 - funnily enough - a Nokia 6310. Now, while waiting for iPhone 2nd or 3rd generation, it's a Nokia E61i.

So, this makes four in more than ten years, all Nokias. :-)

Helmar Steinberg, 2008-01-11

Uh. That´s difficult.

First a Phillips mobile, heavy as a brick. Then a Nokia 6150. Then 2, possible 3 Siemens phones. Also a Nokia 7110 somewhere in between. A Sony Ericcson T600 - very very small. A Nokia 6800. Finally now a Nokia 6230i. And I hope to get a new one this spring.

Adalbert Duda, 2008-01-11

My first mobile phone was a Panasonic, but I can't remember which one. It was followed by another Panasonic (GD 90) and two years later I had my first of three Siemens phones (S 35i, two SL 45i).

Now I'm on a Nokia 6288. It also replaced my home phone (O2 Genion Homezone). In the car I use a Nokia 3120. The old S35i is still used when I'm out on the mountainbike because it seems to be indestructible.

Marc Henkel, 2008-01-11

2. Anyone offering less?

Armin Grewe, 2008-01-11

Vitor, I was so proud to own an Ericsson GH198. My first mobile phone was an Ericsson GH172, a heavy brick.
Counting my mobile devices easily exceeds 25 mobile phones. Wow, I should make a Top Five List ;-)

Alexander Kluge, 2008-01-11

1997 Panasonic
1998 Ericsson T28 [the worst i ever had - gave me headaches!]
1999 Nokia nk702 [indestructible]
2001 Nokia 6210
2003 Nokia 6310i
2004 Nokia 6230 (still got, use in car kit)
2005 SPV M3100
2007 HTC TyTn II

John Cawrey, 2008-01-12

Well, I just can say that you need for every girlfriend one mobile :-)

Kudos to the person that has twenty ....

Thorsten Ebers, 2008-01-12

1996 -NEC G8 - One of the launch models for GSM in the UK!
1998 - Nokia 8110 - The "Bananaphone" - Still the best handset ever made.
2001 - Nokia 9210 Communicator
2004 - Nokia 9500 Communicator
2005 - Nokia 9300 Smartphone
2008 - Nokia E90 Communicator

6 phones in 12 years, considerably less than the national average.

Ben Rose, 2008-01-14

No idea about the dates but this is the chronological lineup
Nokia 8110i (Banane)
Ericsson R520i
Nokia 7650 Smartphone
Nokia 9500 Communicator

So the grand total is 4 in about ten years.

Martin Forisch, 2008-01-14

Let's see, the phones i used for a long time are:

Nokia 3110
Nokia 7110
Nokia 7650
SE w810i

inbetween there were short intermezzos with:
Nokia 9110i
Vodafone VPA III
Motorola Startac
Bosch 909 (the cool silver/blue one)

The next one hopefully will be a Nokia N82 (please vodafone - get it in stock soon!)

Alex Kahl, 2008-01-22

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