Esther Schindler: Travel Used to be Easy

by Volker Weber

I used to pride myself on my ability to travel at a moment's notice. Give me half an hour, I'd brag, and I could be out the door.

Now, I'm preparing for a short trip to San Francisco for the Macworld conference... and I'm appalled by how much stuff I have to bring along, and how many decisions to make.

It will probably be the same for us at the end of the week.

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For me, the peak of crap to take along is past, and I'm packing less now. Part of the reason is that EV-DO and/or WIFI are now nearly universal for me here in the states, so I don't need my portable router. Drives are big enough that I don't need the external, etc etc.

What makes the travel harder, is (at least here in the states) the incredibly officious, obnoxious, and likely ineffective "T.S.A." organization and their byzantine, nonsensical -- one could almost say Kafkaesque -- rules and procedures.

BTW: you know what TSA stands for? Thousands Standing Around.

Andrew Pollack, 2008-01-14

Actually, the US amazes me quite often. At the airports I sometimes feel like someone saying to everyone (not) listening 'this is my personal 5 by 5 meters, I have all say here'. I am glad I can get rid of germans and their attitude when driving (similarities anyone?), just for a deja vu right when I get out of the plane...

Alexander Koch, 2008-01-15

Ehm... bad choice of words, 'like someone IS saying...' makes more sense, and you probably get the idea of what I meant to say. TSA indeed.

Alexander Koch, 2008-01-15

The sooner devices are all set to charge from a USB lead the better. The largest complaint I have about the Nokia E90 is that it has the USB socket, but will not charge from it. I know Nokia has a massive vested interest in sellling chargers, but It's still a poor show! If Blackberry's can, why not the E90?

chris lindley, 2008-01-15

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