SteveNote in 60 seconds

by Volker Weber

Boy, this saves a lot of time.


That's a-mazing. Seen the clip - and BOOM. Saved 90 minutes.

Nico Kaiser, 2008-01-16

The generic "better and better and better/extraordinary/unbelievable" can be applied to any Stevenote in the future, so it is to be expected that this abbreviated version becomes even shorter. ;-)

Martin Böhm, 2008-01-16

Thank you!
Really, it saves me to watch the Stevenote on youtube

Gregory Engels, 2008-01-16

Umm, is there an alternative link? The current one has been taken offline.

Philipp Sury, 2008-01-18

Sorry for my previous post, somehow reloading the page after posting the comment helped???

Philipp Sury, 2008-01-18

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