by Volker Weber

Actor, or nutjob?


Really frightening! Well - I guess I'm definitely out!

Wolfgang Schwerber, 2008-01-16

Nutjob may be being TOO nice! :-D

While it's old, you can see some other crazy TC goodness at Tom Cruise Is Nuts

Chris Blatnick, 2008-01-16

Wow. Is this for real? I kind of doubt it. It's soo bad.
Maybe it's just drugs?

Mariano Kamp, 2008-01-16

The guy, to me anyway, reads like a seriously dangerous nutjob -- the kind of a guy who snaps one day and kills 30 people in a shooting spree. What's worse is that his money and fame protect him from having to be integrated into society in a normal way. He has no real social feedback about his ideas and behavior that don't reinforce his own beliefs.

In some ways, he's like Micheal Jackson -- so divorced from the normal social interactions and need for some kind of conformity and peer reassurance that he can't even relate to the rest of us in a normal way any more.

I really think there's some fascinating science to be learned from people like this, if you study them from an anthropology perspective. They're the human equivalent of a bonobo that is raised alone and then added back to a wild family unit -- just not on the same social plane at all.

Andrew Pollack, 2008-01-16

Nutjob 100%.

Ken Porter, 2008-01-17

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